Girevoy/Kettlebell Training

Girevoy Sport is the art of high repetition kettlebell lifting. It combines elements of Olympic weightlifting with power endurance sports such as rowing. The training is tremendously enriching as the methods satisfy requirements for an holistic fitness modality. The emphasis is on perfecting performance of a few key lifts – the Snatch, Jerk, and Long Cycle. Improvements require attention to correction of postural and other muscular imbalances common to our largely sedentary and/or inappropriately exercised population. Fortunately, the sport lifts themselves are inherently curative!

The lifts appear relatively easy but demand excellent flexibility, attention to efficient breathing patterns and mastery of tension and relaxation. With an emphasis on improving work capacity with safe, low impact training, the effects on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems are profound. Spinal health (symmetry, strength and endurance) is strongly emphasized. Appropriately trained gireviks possess great core strength and as the lifts are inherently prehabilitative , are rarely troubled by back, neck , shoulder or other joint pain.
To maximise results, the athlete must pay attention to compound strength movements such as the squat and press in their various guises, all the while emphasizing form over absolute number of repetitions. The sport requires development of special endurance i.e. the ability to recover between repetitions over a 10 minute period.

The methodology employs periodisation and building volume whilst waving the intensity level. Emphasis is placed on successful training sessions without training to the point of failure or exhaustion - something that invites injury. GS is remarkably injury free when performed under the prescribed principles.
No-one can fault the posture, general health , strength and stamina levels of the committed GS athlete. It is a rare sport where athletes are able to continue performing at an elite level into the 5th and 6th decades. This strongly suggests the methodology is soundly based, robustly proven, and extremely beneficial for long term health.

The sport lifts are inherently athletic, requiring mastery of compound movements and precise application of power. The combination of powerful, efficient and graceful plyometric and ballistic motions are instantly transfer to the majority of sports – and the improvements in cardiac output and breathing patterns are inestimable. And for those who are no longer to perform their chosen sport because of chronic injury, many will find girevoy sport methods deliver a novel, challenging but ultimately safe and highly effective means of maintaining whole body health.