LaVanda Elite is committed to providing trainers with the education to not only set them apart from other trainers but to also to provide them with current scientific based knowledge and best practice techniques for the betterment of their business.

The LaVanda Elite Mentorship has been developed to address this specific need.

Trainers commence their career through the attainment of a Cert. III and IV in personal training. From here they are required to complete a number of CEC courses yearly to fulfill their ongoing registration. Generally Trainers will complete this in a haphazard way, attending courses based on current fads in the industry.

The LaVanda Elite Mentorship is the next logical step for the committed trainer beyond Cert. IV and the CEC merry-go-round. The mentorship is comprised of the following:

  • Weekly 2 hour workshops covering topics in 6 week blocks.
  • A total of 8 specific topic blocks translating to 48 weeks of workshops
  • Topics include:
    • Assessment Corrective Exercise 1
    • Assessment Corrective Exercise 2
    • Nutrition for Personal Trainers
    • Advanced Nutrition for Performance
    • Business and Marketing
    • Client Optimisation
    • Programming and Planning
    • CV Optimisation
  • Ability to place you mentorship on hold for up to 12 months and re-join at a later date
  • Restricted class sizes so that all participants get the full benefit of the training on offer
  • Each Workshop comprises of Theory and extensive practical

The first LaVanda Elite Mentorship for 2013 is to commence on February 15th 2013, with a view to run no more than 3 mentorships a year. Spaces are therefore very limited. 


Please indicate your expression of interest for reserving a place in the LaVanda Elite Mentorship.

Send us your details through our Contact Us page with "Mentorship" as the nature of the enquiry.


We Look forward to seeing you there.