Why Do Woman Need Strength Training

During the last couple of decades, researchers have made extremely compelling arguments for the benefits of strength training (also referred to as weight training or resistance training), particularly for women, and for both men and women over the age of fifty.  However, the number of women and elderly who participate in strength training is still quite low.  Most women who exercise are spending most of their gym time on cardiovascular exercise.  Whatever your reasons for avoiding the weights, here are ten


The "secret" to almost instantly increasing your strength by 10-15% and endurance by 20%-30%

What would you say if I told there was a substance that could almost instantly increase your muscle contractile strength by 10-15% and increase your capacity for prolonged aerobic exercise by 20 to 30%?

Short Bursts Of Exercise for Results

Short bursts of exercise tell your body that storing energy as fat is inefficient, since you never exercise long enough to utilise the fat during each session. Carbohydrates, which are stored in muscle rather than fat, burn energy at high rates. Exercising for short periods will use these carbs and burn much more fat after exercising while you replenish the carbs. Short interval exercise maximises fat ‘after burn’.

Muscle Elasticity

What is muscle elasticity? Well, if you were to cut out a muscle, put it on the table and stretch it, you would see it shrink back a bit. In plain physics, it’s a natural ability of some things to recover the original form upon the removal of the force initially applied.

What is Periodization?

In basic English, periodization is simply the organization and planning of training. In sport, this planning is usually based upon achieving maximum physical abilities (strength, speed, power, etc..) for a given competition or period of competitions. In bodybuilding, the training might be organized around a specific bodybuilding contest.